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Castle Hill Fire Protection specialises in the installation of passive fire protection products and systems. All of our work is covered by the LPCB’s (Loss Prevention Certification Board) LPS 1531 passive fire protection scheme. This scheme covers the on-site application and installation of passive fire protection products by approved installers, regulation of inspection/testing procedures and communication of health and safety to site operatives. We offer clients an individual certificate from the LPCB’s scheme covering the project as a whole, which is recognisable to the body of the scheme.

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Expert fire protection services

  • Cardiff City Centre

    Fire Stopping

    We offer a range of fire stopping solutions to ensure that all fire strategies are fully fire compliant in both existing and new buildings.

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  • Air Sealing

    Castle Hill can install solutions to meet with your air sealing requirements as part of a fire protection package. Apertures and linear gaps penetrating external walls and floors can be sealed by using fire stopping products to prevent the passage of air.

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  • Fire Curtains

    We can install fire curtains to prevent the spread of smoke through voids, and provide thermal insulation and fire integrity to fire compartments.

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Castle Hill Fire Protection is a contractor based in East Anglia who specialise in the installation of passive fire protection products and systems for major projects throughout the UK.