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Partnering for Progress: Castle Hill’s Eco-Friendly Journey with Nullifire

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In a dynamic world driven by innovation, companies that stay ahead of the curve often find themselves leading the pack.

Castle Hill Fire Protection Ltd is setting a remarkable example by spearheading the adoption of the new Nullifire FS702 Intumastic foils packaging type.

With the guidance of their Area Sales Manager, Joanna Strickland, Castle Hill recently did a trial run with the new foils. They were introduced to the FS702 mastic foil packaging, an advancement in packaging technology that promises enhanced usability, reduced waste, and increased efficiency. The trial run involved a hands-on comparison between the traditional plastic cartridges and the innovative mastic foil packaging. This was particularly enlightening for those who may have been initially sceptical about making the switch. At the end, Andy Stubbs, Director of Castle Hill, and his team were able to witnessed the practical advantages of the foils over cartridges, which proved instrumental in converting even the most cautious sceptics into enthusiastic advocates.

With the growing emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions, FS702 foils offer a more eco-conscious alternative to traditional packaging methods. Castle Hill’s approach to adopting this new packaging type not only benefits their own operations but also sets a precedent for others in the industry to follow suit.

Andy Stubbs announces “At Castle Hill, we believe in progress not just in our projects but also in the way we approach sustainability. Today, I am thrilled to share a significant step we’ve taken toward reducing our environmental impact: transitioning from plastic mastic cartridges to foil, in partnership with our valued supplier, Nullifire, from Tremco CPG UK Ltd.”

He adds, “In the past year alone, Castle Hill procured 20,000 mastic units from Nullifire, making them an integral part of our construction endeavours. Our decision to embrace foil packaging was not just about environmental responsibility; it was a collaborative effort with Nullifire to redefine industry standards and set a new benchmark for sustainability.”

Gary Pullinger, Sales Director for Fire Protection at Tremco CPG UK Ltd. comments, “Plastic pollution is a global challenge that demands action. By choosing foil over plastic, and with the support of our Nullifire team, together, we are not only aligning with best environmental practices but actively reducing our carbon footprint.”

In a world where adaptability and forward-thinking are crucial for success, Castle Hill are proving themselves to be true pioneers. Their move to mastic foils isn’t just about their business; they’re setting an example for the entire sector.

We’re all true believers that change starts with action and we hope our commitment to sustainability inspires others to rethink their practices and make environmentally conscious choices. So let’s pave the way for a more sustainable construction industry together, one foil at a time – today and for generations to come!