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Accoustic Stopping

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Acoustic Stopping

We can install solutions to work to your acoustic reduction needs as part of a fire protection package. Apertures penetrating an acoustic wall can be sealed up to their Rw requirement by using fire stopping materials

Acoustic stopping products include:

  • Fire batts
  • Intumescent mastic
  • Fire curtains
  • Fire Curtains

    We can install fire curtains to prevent the spread of smoke through voids, and provide thermal insulation and fire integrity to fire compartments.

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  • Air Sealing

    Castle Hill can install solutions to meet with your air sealing requirements as part of a fire protection package. Apertures and linear gaps penetrating external walls and floors can be sealed by using fire stopping products to prevent the passage of air.

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  • Cardiff City Centre

    Fire Stopping

    We offer a range of fire stopping solutions to ensure that all fire strategies are fully fire compliant in both existing and new buildings.

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