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Intumescent Paint to Concrete

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We offer a range of intumescent paint solutions to concrete soffits/structures and duration of fire protection required. We can provide solutions for any of your needs to achieve anything from 30 to 120 minutes fire protection. We use a manufacturer called Aithon who are internationally recognised.

The product we use is called AITHON A90H which creates a hard, reflective char with high insulation properties which shows excellent adhesion to the concrete substrate even after 4 hours of fire exposure above 1150°C.

All works are carried out in a controlled environment with the use of Elcometer’s environmental testing and dry film thickness testing equipment called the Elcometer 500. Records of all test data is batched and logged onto the calibrated devices and downloaded to provide to clients for quality assurance purposes. A hard copy of the environmental readings is kept in the form of daily logs.

  • Fire Curtains

    We can install fire curtains to prevent the spread of smoke through voids, and provide thermal insulation and fire integrity to fire compartments.

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  • Air Sealing

    Castle Hill can install solutions to meet with your air sealing requirements as part of a fire protection package. Apertures and linear gaps penetrating external walls and floors can be sealed by using fire stopping products to prevent the passage of air.

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  • Cardiff City Centre

    Fire Stopping

    We offer a range of fire stopping solutions to ensure that all fire strategies are fully fire compliant in both existing and new buildings.

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